Livermore Science and Society Center

Many of our personal and societal decisions combine science and values, and understanding how nature works can improve the quality of our decisions.

​We are dedicated to helping all understand the science behind issues such as

  • Climate and weather
  • Energy, water and transportation systems
  • Health, medicine and bionics
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Astronomy and space exploration
  • Earthquakes and plate tectonics
  • Genetics, ancestry and human migration
  • Art and music
  • Advanced manufacturing

Our goal is to inspire people of all ages and educational levels.

How simple curiosity, the scientific method, serendipity, and competition combine to advance science.

Understanding the motivations of and relationships among basic science, applied science, and engineering.

Appreciating how our understanding of nature and our values combine to influence our decisions and their possible unintended consequences.

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LSSC Latest News

  • Science Odyssey

Livermore Science Odyssey

March 1, 2019|0 Comments

We participated in the 2019 Science Odyssey held by the Livermore School District at Junction Avenue School.  We provided two judges for student projects on February 27 and a hands-on display for the public event [...]

  • Mystery Tubes

Mystery Tubes

January 5, 2019|0 Comments

We have fabricated several “mystery tubes” and used them interactively with all ages to demonstrate how scientists make models of systems that we cannot see directly by doing and interpreting stimulus-response experiments.  This example also [...]

  • TVNPA Stronger together

TVNPA Stronger Together Festival

September 17, 2018|0 Comments

We again operated our water percolation experiment demonstrating the scientific method of making and testing a hypothesis through experiments.  This time, the experiment was supervised by two high-school students, who guided younger children through the [...]