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LSSC Advisory Board

LSSC Advisory Board

The Livermore Science & Society Center seeks to collaborate and work with experts in all fields to build a rich learning environment for everyone. The following people have volunteered their time and expertise to work the us.

If you’d like to be part of LSSC’s Advisory Board, please contact us online.

Regina Brinker

Science teacher and STEM Coordinator, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Ann Brown

Education & Outreach Associate, Zone 7 Water District

Nathan Brumley

Supervising Librarian, Youth Services, Livermore Public Library

Jay Davis

Physicist and retired senior manager at LLNL, DTRA, and The Hertz Foundation

Gary Dreifuerst

Retired Electrical Safety Officer, LLNL

Kiran Guleria

Education Program Manager, LVPAC

Nan Ho

Dean of Math, Science, Engineering, and Public Safety, Las Positas College

Nadine Horner

External Relations Officer, LLNL

Susan Houghton

Founder, Sunflower Hill and retired corporate communications director

David Lunn

Retired Water Resources Manager, Zone 7 Water Resources

Tom Manger

Director of IT consultant and President of Robot Garden makerspace

Nicki McGrath

Former Business Associate, Exploratorium Global Studios

Valerie Morrow

Urban and Regional Planning, retired senior facility manager at LLNL

Mark Newton

Board of Directors Asante Africa Foundation, retired Electronics Engineering senior manager

Dennis O’Brien

Retired Chief Electronics Engineer, LLNL

Tom Parham

Senior Research Scientist, LLNL

Lynda Seaver

Public Affairs Director, LLNL

Pam Whitman

Senior Research Scientist, LLNL

Shawn Wilson

Office of Alameda County Supervisor, Scott Haggerty

Lee Younker

Geoscientist and retired LLNL senior manager

June Yu

Executive Director National Laboratory Programs, UC Office of President