LSSC Partnerships

LSSC Collaborations

We are part of a STEM ecosystem. We actively seek partnerships with other arts, sciences, and educational organizations. We seek to be a part of a cultural arts and science core in downtown Livermore, and we seek to supplement STEM training for local schools.

Downtown Cultural Arts and Science Core

Livermore already has a wonderful resource in the Bankhead Theater for performing arts. We hope to help strengthen such downtown activities. Multiple groups have proposed additional facilities that include such features as a smaller black box theater for more intimate performances and speakers, training facilities in visual and culinary arts, and space for artists to create and market arts and crafts. LSSC intends to collaborate with the arts community to explore important social issues in a holistic manner (intellectual and emotional) to help explore the full impact of how advances in sciences have affected our lives and how they may do so in the future. This vision was recently made possible by an agreement with the Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association to allow affordable senior housing on land previously donated to the city in return for building a Stockman Park and Plaza downtown adjacent to Blacksmith Square and surrounded by arts and science and wine venues. The city has adopted a conceptual plan that includes a science learning center in the downtown redevelopment area.

Tri-Valley STEM Center

Robot Garden seeks to build a maker space and associated facilities for a youth-oriented STEM learning center inside a 35,000 sf hanger at the Livermore airport. This center would provide stable meeting space for numerous science and technology groups and clubs within the Tri-valley region. Although the primary focus is aviation, the fundamentals of science are broadly applicable. LSSC plans to draw upon the Tri-Valley STEM Center participants for assistance in designing and fabricating displays that can appeal to all ages.

Local Schools

We seek to supplement STEM activities for public and private schools and home-schooled children. The LSSC will be open for both class field trips and after normal school hours to provide flexibility for STEM learning. We hope to provide basic learning experiences for younger children and provide intellectual resources for older children and youth who wish to dig deeper. We also hope to inspire the interest in parents for STEM education by showing how science affects their life and provides a wonderful employment opportunity.

Livermore Lab Foundation

Livermore Lab Foundation was formed to provide opportunities for philanthropic support of research, technology development, and educational endeavors at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. We here show three recent research projects involving high school students. The inaugural Livermore Lab Foundation (LLF)-supported High School Internship Program was held at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) in summer 2018. Six high school students were selected, two each from Del Valle, Livermore, and Granada high schools, to participate in the month-long program. The interns did project work on two-student teams, each paired with LLNL mentors in their respective fields of additive manufacturing (3D printing), bioengineering, and micro and nanotechnology. The students’ internship highlights included fresh perspectives (each student had a teammate from a different high school); lunches with the college interns and learning about their pathways to college; lunches with LLNL employees and discussing their career pathways; using new software; “putting on the bunny suits” and going in the Clean Room; learning about different STEM careers; and creating something that’ll really be used! As one mentor noted, “We’re doing real work here – we want to stress that!”