LSSC Donors

LSSC Donors

Catalyst Circle ($50,000 or more):

  • Alameda County (Supervisor Scott Haggerty)
  • Alan and Mary Burnham
  • Bob Bryant and Monya Lane
  • Jay and Mary Davis

Creator Circle ($1,000 or more):

  • Rotarian Foundation of Livermore
  • Patrick and Madeline McMenamin
  • Dennis and Adele O’Brien
  • Robert and Karen Cowan
  • Joe and Susan Kilkenny

Catalyst Circle ($10,000 or more):

  • Vaughn and Sharon Draggoo
  • Tom Parham and Pam Whitman
  • Irv and Patty Stowers
  • June Yu and Brian McGinnis

Other Generous Donors:

  • Dona Crawford
  • Roger and Arlynn Grimm
  • Harry Martz Family
  • Lance Simms
  • Joe Mauger
  • Larry and Joyce Suter
  • Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
  • Rotary Club of Livermore
  • Christian Hermanrud